This Body Has A Brain EP

by Feline Taxidermy

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released February 18, 2014



all rights reserved


Feline Taxidermy California

Feminist Fastcore from OC, CA. Formed March,2013.
Anti-Human. We are sick of our squalid species. FELINE TAXIDERMY

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Track Name: Breath Off My Neck
Every time I cough or sneeze
You're breathing down my neck
Does personal space mean anything to you?
Get your breath off of me
I know this house isn't a home
But your constant presence makes me want to scream
Get the fuck away from me
Your tiny ass problems mean nothing to me
Poor little housewife trapped and depressed
Your constant presence makes me want to scream
Get your. Fucking. Breath. Off. My. Neck.
Every time I cough or sneeze
You're breathing down my neck
Track Name: Denial
Don't stand up for yourself just take their shit like everybody else
You should never be your own person
You need to grow up and be mature
And have a life that's a structured fucking mess
I don't care if you're a fucking christian you still live a pointless, closed off life
Track Name: Pretty Good For A Girl
Expectations run low for a girl in the world
Out to show me that you're stronger, faster, better
When I catch up to you I'm just pretty good for a girl
Well what the fuck am I supposed to do?
Not going to waste my time proving myself to you
I know who I am, I know where I'll be
Have fun in your mind where your only accomplishment was being better than me
Track Name: Slime, Scum, Lowlife
Starving, freezing, homeless
work for pay, pay to work
This fucking cycle is tearing my insides out
How do expect people to live?
Souls traded in for bread and water
Stuff your face in your designer clothes
Drive that benz up your ass till' your fucking head tears through where your brain once was
Where your heart strives on the lost dreams of innocent lives
Slime, scum, lowlife
You are all such a fucking waste of space
Walking over, stepping on everything in your path
My life isn't shit to you
You don't care if I can't survive
Slime, scum, lowlife
Track Name: More Than Just A Sex, More Than Just Your Sex
I want to be more than your sex, sick and tired of being your sex
Why is it so hard to walk down the street without whistling and suggestive smiles?
This Body Has A Brain
More than just a height, a weight, a bra size
Living in a world of mens' standards
Throwing up, shooting up, giving up
Whatever it takes to be your special girl
Whatever turns you on
This Body Has A Brain
Track Name: R.O.S (repulsion of swag)
You're repulsive
Stop tweezing
I'll spill your blood on those pretty clothes
Slam your face into my knife
Bits and pieces of chopped up snapbacks
I'll replace your spines with a penny board
Kill your dreams of fresh clothes and getting' money
Remove your existence for my happiness
Repulsion Of Swag
Track Name: The Thought Of Being SxE Stresses Me Out, Get Me A Cigarette
I want to be just like you
I let the thought cross my mind
But it's to much to handle
Get me a cigarette
Track Name: Sophisticated Child Abuse
Get your obsessive shit out of my life
Your smothering, your protecting
Your nazi vomit spills into their minds
You're the principal, you're the adult, you're responsible
You're fucking embarrassing
You barbaric piece of shit
Don't fucking breed
We don't need another one of you
You're ignorant, you're self-righteous, you're Hitler, you're HUMAN
Track Name: I Don't Feel Bad About Being A Witch
I don't feel bad, don't owe you a thing
Call me a witch, call me a bitch
Slut, psycho, whore
I will always hold my head up high
Push your insecurities on me through negativity
The numbers are growing
Fuck being boring
Because I don't feel bad about being a witch
I'll use my powers to see right through you
Slut, psycho, whore
I will love who I love, wear what I want
Threaten us, hurt us, make us feel unsafe
I will find you and shit on your whole fucking life
Because I don't feel bad about being a witch
I Don't Feel Bad About Being A Witch